Our Spa & Therapy

Modern & Latest Spa Therapy is always available for our valuable clients

One stop destination for all wellbeing services like Body Massages, Spa and Salon services. We have been in the field for many years and are versed with the type of services that fits individual clients. Curated to individual needs, our services are customisable to the customer’s budget and needs.

Experienced Specialists

Just relax, lie back and let our experienced therapists take you to a world of relaxation with indulgent spa therapies.

100% Safe & Natural

The human body mechanism is not built for chemicals & modern medicines. Our inner mechanism always accepts nature's remedy offer by God to us.

Quality & Natural Herbs

All our services are designed to promote well-being, restore calm and patience, rejuvenate the body and to nurture the inner spirit.

Unique from other Spa

Amruthasthanam Spa has always stood away from other competitors by concentrating its service quality, quality product & client satisfaction.